Kinghorn Associates … leading to success


“Not another dot com!" you say. That's right, we are not just another "dot com".


Kinghorn Associates has been providing computer solutions since 1978, and has already solved the problems that many of today's internet companies have yet to discover. We focus strongly on the identification and realisation of the business benefits associated with information technology, providing not only the computer expertise required for these projects, but also the business consulting experience required to re-shape companies for the internet age.


Our consultants come from all areas of business, with backgrounds in the management and the operation of major enterprises. If you are an internet start-up, we have the experience to get you to market and keep you there. If you need assistance to develop a strategic vision for your company, we have the consultants who have lived the vision and can help you realise yours. If you need to join the Internet revolution, we can help you develop the business-to-business web portal that will set your company at the hub of your industry’s supply web.


We have also gained a reputation for rapid implementation of SAP software, which is the world leader in enterprise application software. We were engaged by SAP to develop “Accelerated Solutions” - the latest approach to implementing software in an enterprise environment, and the approach is now being adopted worldwide by SAP. From the traditional 18-month implementations of 5 years ago, we have continually broken new barriers and have arrived at a point where implementations of 4 months or less are commonplace. A recent SAP implementation managed by Kinghorn Associates at Fantom technologies in Welland, Ontario was nominated for the prestigious “Technology Award” at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC.


Kinghorn Associates for all your information technology and business challenges.