SAP is the recognized leader in providing integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, with 10 million users and over 12,000 installations worldwide. Whether you are a $10B company, or a $10M company, Kinghorn Associates can provide an SAP solution to fit your needs. We have been managing SAP implementations since 1994, and our consultants combine the business and the SAP skills that will lead you to success. We will bring to your project a team with a track record for implementations that prove ERP implementations can be completed on time, on budget and with minimal risk to your business.


AcceleratedSAP is the industry standard approach for implementing SAP in an e-business environment. Kinghorn Associates pioneered this process-based approach to SAP implementations and has continued to remain at the forefront in the use and development of the AcceleratedSAP methodology.


With over 22 industry solutions, SAP has one for your industry. Kinghorn Associates has the experience to match your requirements to an industry solution and have you up and running in "no time flat."


From Solution Assessment through to post-implementation support, we will deliver the knowledge and the skill that frees you to get on with business while we deliver your personal solution.


Why not use the consultants SAP uses - Kinghorn Associates?


Yesterday's lessons are about to be re-enforced in the business world point solutions are pointless solutions. In the 80's business struggled with microcomputer systems, uncontrolled and uncoordinated, which delivered partial and incomplete results. The 90's brought the age of technological enlightenment - integration. But how soon we forget. The rush to "get netted" has again resulted in uncontrolled and uncoordinated systems.


Kinghorn Associates can lead you to the best of both worlds. provides an Internet portal that is integrated with SAP, the leader in enterprise software. You step into the world of the Internet through your personalized workplace and find the power of SAP's enterprise solution. No more point solutions. No more pointless solutions. Simply amazing, and amazingly simple.


Why not use the consultants SAP uses - Kinghorn Associates?